KRUTWERH GmbH is a German industrial manufacturer of plumbing components for various applications.


KRUTWERH GmbH started up in 1991 when the still unknown engineer Kaspar Rutwerh opened a business in Germany. For nearly ten years the company specialized in supplying PREMIUM class plumbing components to the German market.


The market was growing fast and competition was increasing. The company had to make major changes in order to stay afloat and survive the competition. Simply supplying products was not enough to develop the business.

In 2002, Kaspar Rutwerh decided to expand the company’s scope of activities and redirect it to the manufacturing sector. After determining the market’s high potential, Rutwerh included a new line of business in the company’s strategic development plans – “manufacturing plumbing components under in-house trademarks”.

The first step in this direction was a cooperation agreement concluded in early 2003 between the company and an engineering design bureau. Then in 2004, KRUTWERH GmbH started manufacturing shutoff valves in a small brass component factory that had previously specialized only in supplying components for the shipbuilding industry.


After developing the necessary production facilities, KRUTWERH launched the first line of plumbing components for utilities under its own trademark. These were JERROY steel ball valves.
KRUTWERH GmbH has a quality management system certificate in compliance with the ISO 9001 international quality management standards, which guarantees the high quality of its manufactured products. All of KRUTWERH’s plumbing components currently meet European CE standards.


Between 2007 and 2009, the company actively increased manufacturing and supply turnovers on the German market.

In 2009, it made the strategically important decision to manufacturer plumbing components for household use.

Since 2010, KRUTWERH has been releasing products under the following trademarks:

Since 2011 the company’s product range has included bimetallic and aluminum GERRUI radiators.

A no-nonsense approach to business and sound policy have brought the company strong results. KRUTWERH is growing rapidly and is constantly expanding its product range and sales territory. The company has not limited itself to manufacturing products for the German market. Market needs called for expansion of the geography of manufacturing, and since 2008, the company has not only been manufacturing products at the plant in Germany, but also at outsourced facilities under its control in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards. The company began supplying its products to the European export market in 2009, and to the American market starting in 2010.

Key manufacturing principles of KRUTWERH GmbH: